Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Ghostbusters: The Video Game  based on the smash hit motion picture franchise and featuring a completely new story, is coming to six game systems in 2009. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration of the film’s original theatrical release, the game reunites original cast members to recapture the unique blend of humour and fright that established Ghostbusters as a pop culture sensation. Remember, don’t cross the streams. It could end all life as we know it!



Yaiba Ninja Gaiden z Review!

Player character Yaiba is clearly not meant to be liked as he pursues his revenge quest against archnemesis and usual Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa, but then again, no one comes across as particularly interesting or charismatic–not one-note guide Miss Monday, whose primary character traits are her monumental breasts, and certainly not the composers of the game’s compendium. Complaining of his wealthy boss, one author writes, “After six years of holding our dicks in our hands, finally that Spanish knobhead Del Gonzo authorized some action,” and later enthuses over his rising “blood-boner.” The alluring comic-book art style and initial gore are enough to inspire a momentary blood-boner, but sadly, the poor dialogue is not the game’s biggest deficiency. -BacaSelengkapnya->

Titanfall Review!

When you look at Titanfall, it’s easy to see the familiar. Most of the weapons, grenades, and abilities fill well-worn niches. Many of the environments are like the grimy villages and industrial complexes that have hosted countless online battles in dozens of other games. The competitive modes are bog standard. And yet, when you play Titanfall, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that you’re playing something special.

The key is mobility. Titanfall gives you the ability to leap, climb, and wall-run your way around the map, and these simple actions create an exhilarating array of possibilities. No longer constrained by corridors and stairwells, you and your foes engage in high-flying, freewheeling combat in which the sheer joy of movement makes the familiar feel fresh and vibrant. This novel brand of warfare is enough to heartily recommend the game, but that’s not all that this multiplayer-only shooter does well. You also clash with your foes in lumbering battle mechs called titans. These powerful brutes fuel a weightier, more tactical type of combat that intertwines beautifully with the light-footed action, and herein lies Titanfall’s triumph: two distinct kinds of combat blending seamlessly together to create chaotic and dynamic battlefields unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. -BacaSelengkapnya->

Metal Gear Solid v Ground Zeroes Review!

Metal Gear Solid’s hallmarks have never been represented better than in Ground Zeroes, the prologue chapter to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It combines tense stealth and best-in-class cutscene direction, and these aspects stand above any other game in the series, but naturally, the narrative ultimately concludes sooner than you’d like. It may only take you an hour or two to finish the main objective, but the game doesn’t totally end there. In addition to filling in some of the gaps between Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes introduces a new stealth system and an open-world format that’s perfect for experimentation. Even though you’re prepared for the next chapter, what’s the rush? After the credits roll on the main mission and a handful of side activities unlock, the best part of Ground Zeroes is just getting started. With a wealth of secrets to find, and new challenges to master, chasing the endgame will keep you entertained for hours on end. -BacaSelengkapnya->

Shadowrun Dragonfall Review!

The Shadowrun franchise has seen several video game adaptations, but until last year’s Shadowrun Returns, none of them managed to capture both the atmosphere of the sci-fi/fantasy hybrid universe and the flexibility that tabletop games typically allow. With the Dragonfall expansion, Harebrained Schemes has buffed out many of Returns’ blemishes, making it the closest any video game has come to embracing the unabridged spirit of this classic cyberpunk setting.

Shadowrun is a mishmash of dystopian science-fiction themes and standard high-fantasy tropes. The game takes place in an alternate future following an event known as the Awakening, which reintroduced magic into an otherwise ordinary world. With that catastrophe, dragons of unimaginable power have been released, humans have been torn and split into different metatypes (that is, dwarves, elves, orks, and trolls), people can hack computers with their brains, and a precious few individuals have learned to tap their soul and fuel magic of all sorts. The eponymous Dragonfall refers to the defeat of one of the toughest and most genocidal dragons unshackled by the Awakening: Feuerschwinge.

Cara Memperbaiki Windows 8 Tanpa Install Ulang!

Munculnya Windows 8 banyak memberikan perubahan bagi para pengguna Sistem Operasi berbasiskan Windows. Mulai dari tampilan menu yang menggunakan tambahan Metro Style Apps sampai pada proses penanganan kerusakan sistem yang mudah dan efisien.
Biasanya, ketika sistem operasi (Windows)  mengalami kerusakan (error) jurus terakhirnya adalah install ulang, Tapi untuk sistem operasi yang satu ini (Windows 8) kita tidak perlu melakukan hal tersebut.
Cukup dengan mengikuti prosedur dibawah ini sistem operasi Windows 8 akan pulih kembali. Berikut langkah-langkah untuk memperbaiki Windows 8 tanpa harus menginstall ulang Windows 8. -BacaSelengkapnya->

Cara Mengatasi Error Update Manual Avira 2013!

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya coba instal antivirus Avira Free 2013. Antivirus ini bekerja sangat baik apalagi di komputer atau laptop keluaran baru. Dengan beberapa fitur baru yang diberikan membuat saya nyaman menggunakan antivirus ini.
Tapi tahukah Anda kalau antivirus ini susah di update database virusnya apabila kita menggunakan mengupdatenya secara offline dan muncul pesan error “An Error occured during the file download”. Error tersebut menunjukkan bahwa tidak ditemukannya file Nah, berikut saya akan bagikan cara mengatasi errror tersebut. -BacaSelengkapnya->